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One on one coaching

Are you feeling lost? Don't know where to start? Is your day-to-day life out of control? Are you extremely tired in your mothering days but not wanting to give up? Feeling sad, sensing it might be hormones but the sadness feels real? Guilty for not feeling fully attached to your baby right away? Or maybe you're embarrassed because you're not feeling as blissful as you should be feeling as a new mother.

Aconchego Coaching

I am here to give mothers the “aconchego” to find the confidence in their own path. We were not born as mothers.  We become mothers. This is a process and every mom has your own pace and direction. It takes time to adjust to changes and new relationships in life. Juggling the duties of being a friend, daughter, partner, professional, and now a mom can be confusing at first. I am here to help you to align your boat's sail in the direction you want for yourself.


I bring techniques for you to live a conscious motherhood instead of surviving every day. Live a life with goals, a lighter journey, and with clear intentions. My coaching process prepares you to have a more organized daily life, flexible to accommodate unforeseen changes and your child's routine. I'll show you the importance of, how, and why to exercise self-care.  I am focused on practical results. I use personalized, targeted tools that are suitable for each mother.

• Guilt for not feeling the love so talked about and romanticized for your baby immediately;


• Missing life before motherhood;


• Not knowing how to deal with the pain and emotions of your own childhood;


• Operating in survival mode every day because of motherhood overload;


• Not taking care of yourself emotionally;


• Not valuing yourself in this process of the maternal figure;


• Lost for not recognizing yourself in this new facet of life;

• Understanding that many feelings and questions are normal and that many other mothers experience similar challenges.


• Learning how to unite the positive points of before and after motherhood;


• Breaking cycles with the right tools and a customized plan;


• Utilizing tools to have a more organized daily life to overcome setbacks and baby’s routine. Living a conscious and lighter motherhood with specific and conscious intentions;


• Valuing your own emotions during this process. Exercising self-care;


• Valuing the importance of your own maternal work;


• Finding empowerment in your new capabilities as a mother.

How it works?

I help moms through coaching sessions with customized attention and activities to achieve your own goals and live your maternity with purpose. Sessions can be online, once per week. I recommend starting with 10 sessions to see results. I offer a free discovery call to see if we can be a good fit to work together. I enjoy helping moms who are discovering themselves as mothers, to help them succeed in dealing with the challenges that motherhood can present in this new chapter in life with clear intentions. Come to put together the pieces of your puzzle with me! Let's enjoy the beautiful and full image that we can create. 

What's included:

10 weekly one-hour coaching sessions where you get to experience sacred time for yourself to explore what's coming up in your mothering journey and develop the strategies and inner knowing of how to move through this experience. We will work towards the goal that you want to achieve.

So let's begin:

The first step is to book a 50 minutes Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit.

Often just this conversation alone will make a shift in how you sign up your mothering days. Regardless if we decide to work together or not. Click on the button below to choose a time that works best for you

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