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Aconchego in Portuguese means a safe place to be, like your home, your parents' house, or hugs from a person you love and trust. It is a place that you are received with love and you feel that you can be yourself. I picked this name because I believe that moms who are struggling with motherhood need an environment where they can feel compassion and understood. Being a mom is not an easy task and I am here to help, to guide you through this journey.

I am Cláudia Stendahl, a Brazilian mother who has lived abroad for more than 10 years.  My personal and professional experiences in Canada, Chile, and the United States have transformed me into the mother, woman and professional that I am today.


I am a Mom Coach. I help mothers dedicate time for themselves and figure out who they are in this new path of their lives. 


And I will help you! 


If you feel guilty for not feeling the love so talked about and romanticized toward your child right away; If you miss life before motherhood; If you are unsure how to deal with the pain and emotions of your own childhood; If you find yourself repeating a cycle as a mother, and you want to do differently with your children; If you live in survival mode each day because of the lack of routine, motherhood overload, and sleepless nights, you are not alone!


I experienced many of these challenges as a young mother.  Today I help women to recognize who they are in this process and empower themselves in this new chapter of their lives, which is the motherhood journey.


I have two professional certifications in coaching: one as an International Coach with Professional Coach Alliance (PCA) and the other with Maternal Coach by Instituto Te Apoio.  Earning these certifications in international settings provide me with different perspectives that may be helpful to you.


Get out of survival mode for a brighter life, with intention.  Live a conscious motherhood. Come with me to align your boat’s sail in the direction of your choosing!

You have all the pieces on the table, just need to organize them.


Being a first time mom is not a easy task. I am here to help, to guide you through this journey.


Helping moms align their lives in a way that simple moments bring joy.

Mothers believing in themselves again. Being confident to do whatever they think is right for them and their family. Mothers create a better world to live in while having the support to thrive themselves.

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